We shall remember this November

Editorial article @ Revolution, published 7 November 2011

We live in the age of immediate gratification. From information to orgasms, if you want it, you want it now, quick. Technology and an intensely ingrained consumer culture have deprived us of the natural wait.

The degree of today’s crisis of capitalism is the more apparent when we understand that the “culture of the immediate” it conceived  can no longer be sustained. It is both the slowing down (indeed stopping altogether) of the consumtion rhythm it accustomed many to,  and the utter disparity between those who can mantain such rhythm and those who can’t or never could that is fueling much of the social movements we see in the media today.

Riots, revolts and occupations are the simple outcry of thousands confronted with this injustice and the correlated ever growing gap between rich and poor.

November is the month of dissent, but it might not be the month of immediacy. If we wish to see change as fast as we want our meals, we need to start building for far beyond occupations and one day strikes. The sort of change we want to bring as revolutionaries needs equally revolutionary action. November must bring the beginning of a process that, through the call for a new anticapitalist organisation and the call for a general strike,  brings down this government.