Southwark fights against the Bedroom Tax

Reporting @ Left Unity Southwark, published 26 January 2014

Around 150 people joined forces this Saturday, 25 January, around midday, in front of Peckham Library to protest against the Bedroom Tax being pushed through by Southwark Councillors.

Southwark Benefit Justice Campaign hosted the event with the support of Southwark Save Our Services, Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) and Southwark UNISON, among others.

Most co-organising networks and campaigns had the chance to speak at the initial assembly, which included a passionate speech from Alex Brew, a charity worker being persecuted by the council for not being able to afford the extra cost a month.

In sharp contrast and showing the radicalisation of the activists attending, Labour councillor, Richard Livingstone, was booed and hackled off the platform during a hypocritical speech on cuts and bank bailouts.

“The enemy is not the council, the enemy is the government”,

he shouted over the many criticisms and finger pointing coming from the audience.

April Ashley from Southwark UNISON followed stressing that her union supports the workers of Southwark and will stay together with them against the Labour-lead attacks on those most fragile in the council.

The demonstration then headed towards Camberwell Green taking over one of the Peckham Road lanes, stopping traffic and garnering much support from passing cars and local people. The environment was festive, yet ferociously  vocal against the onslaught on the community’s poor.

Once in Camberwell Green the mass of people got together once more for a closing rally.

Southwark argues there is a £23m budget gap in its strategy for the financial year of 2014/2015.