Star Student Fears For Life In Face Of Draconian Deportation Order

Reporting @ Morning Star, published 25 March 2014

A star north London pupil will fear for her life if she is deported to Mauritius without her family today under draconian Con-Dem immigration rules.

Straight-A student Yashika Bageerathi, 19, is being held at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre and ministers plan to ship her off today despite a massive campaign of resistance involving her classmates and the local community.

The family say they fled Mauritius after being threatened by local gangs, with Ms Bageerathi herself reportedly assaulted by a family acquaintance.

The original asylum application was made in the name of the whole family, but after turning 18, Ms Bageerathi’s case must now be judged separately.

Parliament nodded through the changes last October, with Home Secretary Theresa May gloating: “The Bill will clamp down on the those who live in the UK illegally and take advantage of our services.”

Ms Bageerathi was first arrested in December but released on bail a month later when teachers, friends and supporters of the family raised her fee.

“Yashika is part of our community,” teacher Brian Christopher told the Star.

“We need urgent intervention to stop a tragedy from happening to a young and vulnerable girl who has given so much to our school.”

Last week the teenager was taken to Yarl’s Wood after seeing her asylum request refused once again.

Her legal team has since initiated a new application and Ms Bageerathi’s fellow students at Oasis Academy Hedley have led a huge campaign in her support.

They hope that the case falls within the remits of article eight of the European Convention on Human Rights, defending the right of an individual’s family life.

The Con Dems’ strict immigration regulations have predominantly affected young people and their families.

Jamaican-born Jermaine Strachan has been facing deportation despite having lived in the country for over 12 years and being the father of a six year-old British boy.