Snack healthy! 5 best foods for lazy dieters

Article @ Sino, published 6 March 2017

“Summer bodies are made in winter”, is probably one of the most annoying things you’ll ever hear from your personal trainer when you join the gym as a stupid New Year’s resolution.

You didn’t believe you’d stick to it very long, but two weeks in and you were already skipping that bikram yoga session you said you’d attend to compensate for all the HIIT ones you missed.

So here you are, post-Valentines and nearly Easter, all you can think of is chocolate and beer, and some friend from Kindergarten tells you she’s marrying in July, you’re the maid of honour and the dress is something akin to a table cloth wrapped around your vital bits and bobs and little else. So what do you do?

You diet. And you diet hard because you’re not a quitter. That and wanting to blow the minds of all the losers that called you “chubs” on the playground when you were five.

So to help you in this Herculean enterprise, we road-tested (devoured) and ranked some of the best health foods out there.

#5 Huel

You might have heard of Huel because it is the Brave New World version of French cuisine. Basically the brainiacs behind Huel made a powder that includes all the nutrients you need to be nourished throughout the day without putting on the pounds or harming any animals. It is also allergen free. Just mix water and you’re on.

Verdict: This is pretty full-on for anyone who likes their food. Even if the instructions suggest you only replace your “time-pressured meals” with it, over here we thought it was all a little too much to swallow. Give it a go if you’re strong minded, committed or possibly desperate. Otherwise just cut off the chockies.

COST: £45 for 14,000 calories = 28 meals at 500kcal each = !1.61 per meal. Lower prices under subscription. Free next day delivery in UK mainland.

#4 Seaveg Crispies

These wafer-thin crisps are made of nori sea-veg (duh!) and are the sort of thing your super slim, mega fitspo inspo friend Chloe would have for lunch. High in fibre, gluten-free, cute little things. They’re gone before you know it.

Verdict: Seaveg Crispies are yum and all – if you like sushi and the like – but don’t expect to be full after a pack (or two, or three, or four). These are good to impress fancy friends or to feel less guilty when you ravage through your bag after that bikram yoga class (you made it!) in search of anything you can gobble down.

COST: Single pack £0.89, multipack of 3 £2.19

#3 Ombar

CHOCOLATE! We’re not joking, this is healthy chocolate with lots of cacao and in little portions. Again these tiny miracle bars are gluten and dairy free, with unreifned coconut sugar and fruity bits instead. Organically sourced, so you feel good about yourself, and with nine different flavours – you’re onto a winner.

Verdict: Delicious, smooth and gone far too quickly. A good option when you’re going through the 3pm sugar craving. Favourite flavour: lemon & green tea (so fresh!)

COST: £1.99 bar

#2 Mello

These are great! The geniuses behind Mello liked to make watermelon juice, because watermelon juice is delicious. So they made a series of products out of melons too. Watermelon seeds (lightly salted and mild chili roasted) and cold-pressed watermelon, cantalupe and honeydew juices. The seeds packed with iron, magnesium and potassium which are all smart ways of saying they are full of good things.

Verdict: Nomnomnom! That was the sound we made when we got our hands on the Mello seeds and juices. Delicious stuff, very light and super cute packaging, so you can Instagram your healthiness too.

COST: £2.49 juice, £2.99 seeds box

#1 Squirrel Sisters

Stop everything you’re doing and run to buy some of these raw energy bars. NOW! This is the stuff of dreams. Each bite a new revelation. Honestly, too good to explain. Two little bars in a super-cute box, each bar under 91 calories, vegan, gluten free, paleo, with no added sugar. We told you!

Verdict: Too yumsies to believe-sies. All the flavours are phenomenal too – we fought over the coconut cashew and the cacao orange ones. Maybe there’s hope in healthy foods after all!

COST: £2.49