I saw friends get deeper into debt

Article @ Sunday Mirror, published 24 February 2018

A cash-strapped graduate borrowed £600 at sky high rates from payday loan companies to cover food and bills.

Former student Kerri, 25, said that was despite having a full maintenance loan and surviving on a diet of rice, baked beans and budget ready meals.

The Brunel University politics graduate said: “I would literally log on and in half an hour the money would be in my account.

“The Iceland £1 meals were mostly what I ate towards the ends of each term before the next student loan instalment. Jobs for students that are flexible around studies are difficult to come by.”

She said she always paid her loans within a month but others got into more trouble.

Kerri, now a researcher, added: “Friends would get one loan out and get another one to pay the first one. They were forever losing money in interest.”