Empire state of mind: Tories sell imperialist themed feather cushion as official merchandise

Article @ RT UK, published 9 March 2017

The Conservative Party found itself in a spot of trouble on social media on Thursday when it emerged the ‘natural party of government’ is selling cushions celebrating Britain’s imperialist past as official party merchandise.

Facebook and Twitter users were shocked to discover a feather cushion with a reproduction of the 1931 poster “A United Empire!” is selling on the Tories’ online shop for £35.

The image shows a group of men from across the former British Empire, including a dark-skinned man in a turban.

“A united empire means more trade and employment. Vote Conservative and support the national government,” the faux suede cushion reads.

The party’s marketers did not seem to see the irony of describing the product as “proudly printed and stitched in the UK.”

“The cushion section of the Tory shop is a never-ending black hole of bafflement,” said one Twitter user‏.

“I am… not convinced by this cushion, from the official Tory merch website,” said BuzzFeed’s Marie Le Conte.

The cushion controversy comes as skeptical Whitehall officials have branded the Tory government’s assertive post-Brexit negotiation style with African states “Empire 2.0.”

RT has requested comment from the Conservative Party.